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Can hypnosis bring back teenage and childhood memories?

Or even improve short-term memory many years after a closed head injury and a 6-week coma? Things tend to be vague in certain areas. What about self-hypnosis?

A good hypnotist can guide you into recalling buried long-term memories, but should be done with caution. It is often suggested that a psychologist who uses hypnosis is preferable to a hypnotist who is not trained in the psychological ramifications of bring up old memories. As for self-hypnosis, it can be very useful in helping you to relax and to achieve goals such as losing weight or stopping smoking. (I use it myself for this.) However, self-hypnosis is not as likely to help you with memory issues. Since long-term and short-term memories utilize different brain processes, treatment via hypnosis seems to work much better for long-term memory functions (but not to rule out any short-term memory benefits). Source(s): I am degreed in psychology and have worked in the behavioral health field.
if you self-hypnotize yourself how can you ask questions=get a Dr to do it and he /she will write down your answers for you
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