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Have you ever attended a hypnosis siminar to lose weight or quit smoking?

If you have, describe your experience and whether it was successful.

I used hypnosis a few years back to try to quit smoking. I went smoke free for three days and it was really easy, hardly any cravings at all, but I went back to it, obviously. I just recently quit using the Rx Chantix and have been a non-smoker for two months now!!! The hypnosis experience seemed a little weird when I was in it, not bad, but I'm a bit of a realist, so just the fact that I was in a dark room with someone talking softly to me and all of that stuff made me feel a little bit fruity. But, I think it would've worked had I listened to the tapes the hypnotist gave me rather than lighting up.
No I never have, but I am happy to say I have been smoke free for 5 days and I did it cold turkey. I decided on July 7, 2007(there was no real reason for choosing that date) I was not going to buy anymore cigarettes. They are so expensive now they are more like a luxury and I can't afford luxury. It also helps when you have a lot of support. My husband and my kids are my rocks.
I smoked for 15 years.
I attended one in 02. Immediately after I got in my car and smoked a cigarette. It did absolutely nothing for me.

I did quit later but this time with the patches and my faith. I feel so much better now.
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