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Hypnosis Is It REAL?

Does it really work?

If So~

Does anyone know where I can see one in Ca. at a reasonable price?

The word 'hypnosis' has a lot more mystery surrounding it than it deserves! Being 'under' hypnosis is simply being in a focused state of attention, just the same as when you're really engrossed in a book and don't hear someone calling your name or concentrating hard on something.

A hypnotherapist is simply someone who directs your attention and lowers your emotional arousal by relaxing you. When your attention is focused and you are relaxed you are highly suggestible to metaphors and healing suggestions.

That 'hypnosis' is a focused state of attention also explains why people in a trance can not notice pain, it's like when you're ill and watching a film, during the really exciting parts when you're on the edge of your seat you forget you are ill and the pain goes away - and you only notice it again when the film ends and your attention is directed back at yourself. Source(s): http://why-we-dream.com/hypnosis.htm...
Yes.... Now please slap your computer screen... HARD!
With your head, hard
Its real but unless a psychiatrist or psychologist recommends it, I wouldn't tell you to play around with it. If you have an agenda for wanting it, go see a psychiatrist and ask if they can perform one on you to either regress you or convince you to stop doing whatever you want to stop doing (like smoking, drinking, etc.) As for prices - ask them as well.
Research has shown that it may be helpful with breaking an addiction, e.g. smoking cigarettes, but just be careful. Please check out research that Elizabeth loftus has done before you buy into it too much.
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