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I am having a hysterectomy, but am keeping my ovaries. My question is ~ what can I expect to go thru during what would be my normal mentral cycle ? For example, will my face still break out, will I get bloated, get moody, all of that fun stuff, without actually menstrating ?

i'm 8 weeks post hysterectomy. i kept my ovaries. one day out of the month i get the usual pms symptoms, moody, cranky, just want to sleep, leave me alone kinda thing, and i get bad cramps. on the bright side, its only one day. i sleep the whole day so i dont take my mood out on anyone else. the next day i'm fine. you wont notice bloating for a while, your tummy will be swollen from the surgery. if i had to do it over again i would. i dont regret it. just take the time to heal. dont try to rush back in to life. you only have one chance to heal correctly the first time. make the most of it.
probably yes
It is all possible, but probably not. When you menstruate is when the largest supply of estrogen is released in the system, usually causing all those problems. Since you won't have period anymore, you probably won't experience all that. However, everyones hormone levels are a little different, and anything is possible. The most common complaint I have heard, is that most women notice weight gain after a hysterectomy.
I work in the medical field
you can go to web md i had a hesterectomy in dec. i told my doc to take everything. most people i have talked to say if you dont take everything in afew years you will be going to surgery again. web md can help you with every question you have it really helped me. good luck
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