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Post-Op LAVH (hysterectomy) 10 weeks, still in constant pain? Anyone else? Stories? advice?

I had a LAVH (vaginal hysterectomy) for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 10 weeks ago. Since then I have had several UTI's, infection in navel incision site, and now a 1mm kidney stone (still high in kidney). I am in constant pain. Most times it is bearable, but never igorable. I have pain radiating up my left side from ovary to kidney, chronic lower abdominal pain (like bad menstral cramps), vaginal tightness & pain that makes sex so painful, (it lightens up during intercourse but does not go away) and the next few days after sex my tummy just ACHES!!! I cannont sit in any position for too long as it hurts my "hoo hoo" (as my 3 yr old calls it) and when I "rock" on my pelvis, (like when you change seating position by sitting up straight or slouching) it cause a sharp achy feeling in my lower abs/pelvic region.

Any MD's want to put their 2cents worth in? (my OB/GYN keeps saying "Give it time" ,the same Dr who asks me "How far along" I am when I call!!!)

10 weeks after an LAVH is a *long* time to still be experiencing these kinds of symptoms. Get a copy of your operative report, videos or photos from the surgery, discharge summary and your pathology reports and take them to another gyn for an additional opinion. It sounds like something happened to your bladder either during or as a result of the LAVH; it is not unusual for patient to experience bladder-related symptoms following a hyst.; however, 10 weeks of this with chronic symptoms is far too long and not normal in the slightest. See someone else and ask for their input...you should not be suffering like this. Good luck to you.
I had answered before questions about hysterectomy (I am a woman who had hysterectomy not vaginal though I am no doctor but I do have a lot of experience). I would say that 6 weeks after the hysterectomy would be "normal" to feel severe pain in the incision area, when you lift things or do any work that needs crouching or bending. What you describe does not sound
right. Why do you get UTI's? the kidney stone is probably form too little drinking, and the pain after intercourse should have gone away after the first few times. I would strongly advise you to seek advice from another gynecologist, get him or her to write down whatever they find wrong with you. There might be a possibility that he botched up something while operating on you.
Good luck.
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