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I am scheduling a hysterectomy next month laporscopic i hope, can a total be done this way.?

I am 44 years old and have gone through many procedures for pre cancerous cells. Should I have the ovaries removed too . I am so tired of going through procedures after procedure. Honestly I am scared and would love to do something else but I've fought this for 11 years and think it's time to do something else . Any advise? Also can I return to work after about three weeks.

YES, as long as it's cleared with your physician who will be doing the procedure. What is your pain level? It's NEVER a good decision to just have it done. But if it's a last hope for relief then go ahead. I've had a total hysterectomy a few years back and I am very glad to have had it done. However, my issues were with pain (endometriosis). You can have the ovaries removed, but please only if they are damaged in some way. If they are perfectly functioning ovaries please reconsider because going into surgical menopause is very hard on your body. Even taking HRT does not make the transition easy. It's VERY hard for your body to adjust. It took me 8 weeks before I felt good enough to return to any type of work. Good luck!
It certainly a good idea to talk and learn of new procedures, and for others to learn what is being done, this is news in medicine. And all the options that may be available. I would say try the search engines such as Yahoo, or Google, and there are some Doctors here as well that may offer advice. Get well soon
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