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If you have a hysterectomy do you still go through menopause?

If you have a hysterectomy do you still go through menopause?

You go through menopause no matter what.

If you have a radical hysterectomy, which includes removing ovaries, you go through an immediate menopause as all your hormones are cut off.

If you have a partial hysterectomy, leaving the ovaries in tact, they continue to produce hormones and you have a normal menopause somewhere down the road.

The good news is, no periods!!
they say it depends whether you had a full and complete hysterectomy or a partial.
if you had your ovaries removed.......no menopause
if they are still intact............menopause
this is what I have been told
Just from what I've heard, it throws you into an early menopause.
good question
I think you may still have emotional problems.
the fact of the removal I am sure the hormones get screwed up
maybe not "menopause" but other trauma for sure.
If your facing this operation
you need facts from your doctor not us
this is hearsay and vague memories.
Hysterectomy's can put you into early menopause. I hate to say it but I had to have one so I can tell you from experience.

If you have a full hysterectomy, which includes removing ovaries, because your body goes into shock more or less the hormones put you into menopause. It is a big adjustment. I suggest a partial if you can and leave part of the ovaries. My friends that had the surgery with there ovaries in tact done so much better.
If you have a partial hysterectomy they continue to produce hormones and you have a normal menopause just without the crazy bleeding your body just experiences the hot flashes and mood swings. You can look up more on yahoo health. If you are the one having the hysterectomy good luck and the good thing is no more periods. If you have any more questions on this matter and want to ask my just email me it helps to talk to someone that has been through it. It is a major change for a woman.
Let's see, surgery was 5 weeks ago, I plan on taking my silly little girly pills for 8 more years.....Yep, without them I'd be in the middle of menopause for the last 5 weeks. Without your ovaries, no hormone, no hormone = menopause
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