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My wife had a hysterectomy, i used to feel something on the end of my organ as we made love!?

I no longer feel this, and it seems less stimulating for me. Has anyone had this happen? Is this normal? would my wife be hurt if I told her? Thanks.

What you miss is the sensation of bumping up against her cervix. In most hysterectomies the surgeon also removes the cervix, then stitches up the end of the vaginal canal to make a new ending. I had one, but "supra-cervical"...above the cervix, so that my healthy original cervix remained. I did that because my partner of the last 20 years is big and I did not want him injuring or stretching that artificially created (stitched) ending to my vagina. There is nothing that can be done about it now, and I'm sure this was difficult enough for her without you bringing this up, so it would be a kindness to her and your mariage if you kept silent about it.
If she had her cervix removed that is what you used to feel. Only tell your wife if she isn't sensitive about it, but I wouldn't ever mention it's not as stimulating for you. There isn't she can do about that and it will just hurt her. It's very normal, you'll probably get used to it.
you will really hurt her feelings
I wouldn't tell her because what can she do about it besides feel like crap about herself for not being able to satisfy you the way that she was before. I had a tilted uterus which just means that my uterus was tilted up a little. My doctor said that this is very common. My husband use to bump against my uterus during sex and it was very uncomfortable. I had a hysterectomy but still have my cervix (only had uterus removed) and sex has never been better for me! After reading your question it has left me wondering if my husband maybe feeling the same way that you are?! Either way, there is nothing that we can do about this so I would just not say anything to her about it. It would only hurt her. Try taking pleasure in the fact that it might just be better for her now that you aren't bumping against the organs inside her that aren't meant to be bumped against! :)
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