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Anyone bleed after having a hysterectomy?

I had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago... just had my uterus removed... still have my ovaries, BUT... I am still bleeding. Is this normal? I was bleeding heavily before the hysterectomy and that was the reason for me having the surgery. I went back to see my doctor 3 weeks after the surgery... he said that I was bleeding a lot during the surgery... so it would take awhile for all the blood to exit my system. Does this sound right?

Dr. Jelovsek writes:

"Normal post operative bleeding lasts from several days to several weeks after surgery. After the first couple of days the bleeding turns into spotting, usually dark red but sometimes bright red. Then in most instances, the bleeding stops for good. Sometimes there may be a burst of bleeding at about 2-3 weeks if there was a collection of blood clot in the pelvis from right after the surgery. And occasionally at about 2 - 8 weeks after surgery, there may be some bright red vaginal spotting due to suture dissolving. The timing depends upon the type of suture used and how fast it dissolves. This may be spontaneous bright red spotting (it is rarely ever heavy) or it may happen after intercourse or physical activity.

That is the normal course of usual postoperative vaginal bleeding. Sometimes, however, bleeding can occur at other times or even much later (up to years). Causes include:

granulation tissue (healing tissue growing on its own)
prolapse of a faloppian tube (1)
endometriosis of the end of the vagina (2)
atrophic vaginitis due to low estrogen levels and traumatic irritation
a cancerous growth at end of the vagina (3)
In the situation you describe of bleeding at 4.5 months, you will need to have a vaginal speculum exam to look at the end of the vagina. Most likely you have some granulation tissue at the end of the vagina. On appearance it would look like a dark red, beefy friable polypoid growth at the end of the vagina. It bleeds easily with touching. The treatment is to biopsy it away and use vaginal sulfa or other antibiotic cream. There usually are no pain fibers at all. If it hurts at all during biopsy, it may represent a prolapsed tube if only a hysterectomy was performed without removing the tubes and ovaries. A prolapsed tube more often causes pain rather than bleeding and it may need to be removed under anesthesia rather than in the office.

This bleeding is not a serious problem but be sure to see your doctor."

Hope that helps! Source(s): http://www.wdxcyber.com/nbleed13.htm...
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