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Ladies who have had a hysterectomy, do you?

I had a full hysterectomy done about 3 weeks ago and now I've been having a lot of heartburn! Why? Has anyone had this problem to and what to do? I already take Protonix and eat Tums like crazy! The prilosec and tagment stuff dont work for me! Help please!h

I don't remember having this symptom after surgery. If it's that bad, please see your doctor.
Try milk of magnesia, like MyLanta.

I didn't have a hysterectomy but my mom did, but she didn't have heartburn...
There's a lady down the street from me who I have 'relations' with who has had a full hysterectomy. She is a LOT of fun to fool around with. I'll have to ask her that next time I see her.
I've a full hysterectomy a few years ago and did not have a problem with heartburn after the operation. So I'm thinking the heartburn is probably unrelated to the hysterectomy. The only thing that ever worked for my heartburn and acid reflux was Prilosec or Omeprazole (by prescription only). When you take the Prilosec (which in my opinion is the best out there for heartburn) you have to wait a day or two before you notice it working, and then you take it daily or every other day may also work good. I've had no side effects taking Prilosec. And the other over the counter heart burn meds like tums never worked for me. Good luck finding some relief. Talk to your doctor about this when you go in for your follow-up.
The heartburn should have nothing to do with having a hysterectomy. You may have gallstones. Have your doctor check your gallbladder.
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