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If a woman has a hysterectomy can she still orgasm?

My mom is getting a hysterectomy, and two of my aunts has had a hysterectomy. Do you know if it may run in the family?

Absolutely. Orgasms happen in two places, the clitoris, and the brain. Both of those remain intact after a hysterectomy. This 2 issues most associated with the operation are lack of sex drive (due to hormone reduction) and lack of natural lubrication. Both are easily dealt with.
Yes you can still orgasm after a hysterectomy. As far as genetics, the reason for the surgery can determine if it something that may be a concern. Such as ovarian or cervical cancer. Some diseases run in the family and that would increase your chances of needing the surgery.
lol ur about to get a hysterectomy and your worried about your orgasm???
yes she can she get orgasm... it may run in the family if it is genetic
Absolutely =- You can still orgasm! Hysterectomies don't run the family, however the conditions that lead to the hysterectomy can be. With good medical care, you can probably head off many of the old conditions that existed.
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