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I am 42 years old and having a partial hysterectomy?

Due to severe endometriosis, I am having a partial hysterectomy. They are going to remove my uterus and my left ovary. They will also remove my apendix and laser the endometriosis off of several of my other organs. I am sacred. I have three kids and I don'tknow what to expect recovery wise. Will I be hormonially unbalanced. I just want to feel normal for once. What will my stomach look like, I have already had three "c"sections, a double hernia operation and 4 laporoscopies. I have also put on about 20 pounds in the last few months due to the fact the I can't exercise due to the pain.

a lady I know had it done with robotic surgery...her's was a complete...but she was off work for a week and a half and back to normal in two. It was basically laproscopic. I don't know about yours but to me this sounds like the way to go.
A hysterectomy is a major abdominal surgery therefore recovery takes time, mostly so when they do more surgeries
therefore you must expect some pain at least for a few days, a long time something between 3-8 weeks of recovery and a slow recovery. It takes time to be able to walk again without pain, and exercise. You just have to be patient and remember after all pain is gone you will feel well again. The only thing might be that you will experience menopause i.e. hot flashes and dryness in your vagina and skin etc. your doctor will have to tell you if you can take HRT or not. Don't be scared, you need to have it done as you yourself said and in a few weeks it will be all over. I presume if you had 3 c-sections they will open they same scar again and your stomach would look just like now.
My mom was 44 when she had her's done. She had it Feb. 28 and the doctor released her for work on April 13. She had a laporoscopy and had five little "dots" and one in her belly button. She went on the hormone cream and said it worked well. She went home the next day. She was feeling fine in a week, except she would get very tired for about a month afterwards. She wanted to go back to work about three weeks later, but the doctor wouldnt release her. That depends on your doctor, but she said it was the best thing she could have done. She wanted to feel normal too. Good luck!!
whatever any of us tells you noone will know until afterwards, some people recover and feel fit within a few weeks and some take a few months...
i know that may sound unhelpful but you need to be prepared!
you will definitely be advised NOT to be lifting or carrying anything heavy for quite a while and you need to stick to that as well as you can it is very important!
please do ask around your family and friends and have people about who can help you at home especially in the first week or two.
also get the children ready to help out with whatever their ages let them!!
when i had my ops i was so worried about the extra strain on my son but it's been great because he's settled into doing more about the house overall even now ages after!
try and get good advice from a physio about exercises to help you tone up again and strengthen all your stomach and core muscles once you are able to.
do your pelvic floor exercises as often as possible, now and after the op!

all the best, take care & get well again soon!!
I was 25 when I had to have a total hysterectomy due to endometriosis and adenomyosis. Mine was done laproscopically. I have (2) 1 inch scars on either side of my abdomen and another one at my hair line. I missed 2 weeks of work and then was back.

As for hormones, your doctor will start you on estrodial immediately following your surgery. There may be a week or so as he adjusts the dose for you, but after that, you are back to normal.

This surgery will help immensely. You will feel no more pain. I hadn't realized exactly how much pain I was in prior to the surgery until the pain was gone. Now I can exercise, I can do pretty much what I want.

It seems scarier than it really is. Good luck and God bless.
Hysterectomy at 25.
Hi...sounds like you're definitely going thru' pre-surgery jitters and fear of the unknown. But you've had 3 c-sections and a hernia repair (which itself is very hard on a woman, I know)...so you already have a pretty good idea that you'll be down for a while and that recovery will be slow and gradual. I assume that the surgery will be abdominal, so most likely any incision will be done where there was a prior one. Just keep in mind what your main objective is...to be free of the everday pain of endometriosis finally and to be able to live your life normally again. That will be such a relief for you! Since you'll be keeping one ovary, you may or may not need estrogen therapy. And because you're in your 40's, your estrogen level may have already started to decline anyway, and you and your dr. could decide to let nature take it's course. Then again, you're still relatively young and if you start having the early symptoms of menapause and they become a real problem for you, your dr. may decide that low-dose estrogen therapy will be a benefit. Sometimes it's trial and error finding what works best but that's normal. My only other concern is that you'll have some help while you recover...someone to help you with your three kids. Hopefully you have family nearby or friends and neighbors that can chip in. All will go well.....and take good care.
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