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Can a bulky uterus cause weight gain? Should I get a hysterectomy? I'm in my 40's and have my kids already.

I'm tired of having my period and it seems to never go away. Any other women have this experience?

Good luck with that one. I have a bulky uterus, three big fibroids and my uterus is dipped. I have constant cramping in it and can't get anyone to do anything with it. I went on the depo shots a couple of times to stop my period, that also stops the pain, but than I deal with weight gain. I have been told that I am easily carrying around the equivalence of a 6 month foetus there. So yes weight gain, thicker around the abdomen....

Not fun. I have had them suggest that they put a coil in that will stop my periods, etc... with out the weight gain, but this thing already hurts, I can't see how that would do anything but make it hurt more.

If I could get someone to take it out, I would, in a heart beat. But I have spoken to several doctors and no one will take the darned thing out. I am in my 40s and mine has never been anything but a problem!!

Oh and why do jerks like the above answer questions like this if they have no clue!! Hey stupid the uterus is bulky because it is!! That means thick walled, lots of bulk and has nothing to do with why, it is just the way it is made!!! Because of the bulkiness it is very difficult for us to even have normal ultrasounds done!!

Good luck with it all!!
When you say you have a bulky uterus does that mean you have fibroids? If not, what has the doctor said, what causes your uterus to be bulky. I think that any answer can be given only after you explain what the problem is. I am sure your doctor has advised you what to do, and even if he or she didn't you should consult not with one but even with 2 doctors, get their opinion. They would know what the bulkiness means, I do not. Hysterectomy is surgery, by which I mean that any surgery is dangerous and if its not really required, do not do it. But, on the other hand, if the doctors recommend you having it, do it by all means.
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