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50 years old woman with high abdominal pain.I've had a complete hysterectomy and appendix removed?

This pain is right under my left side ribcage area.It always seems to get worse after I've eaten.It is so bad right now the pain is into my back.I swell up and look like I am 9 months pregnant.I have been sick with a cough for two weeks and it has made the pain worse.I just got insurance last month and I am scared to go to a doctor.Please help me out.I do not drink alcohol or take drugs of any kind.I only drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee daily.I smoke maybe 7 to 10 cigerettes a day.I am married and haven't been able to have intercourse in 2 months.

I highly recommend you see a doctor. The fact that you have pain after you eat suggests gall bladder pain. Gall bladder pain can refer to the left side. You really need to have blood test, perhaps an ultrasound. Very easy to determine what this is from. GET TO A DOCTOR! Source(s): RN
Thank you all for caring about me even though you do not know me.Thanks to all the people who voted this answer as the best answer.I thought all of them were great.Special thanks to the registered nurse from Judy.

ps judy..f*ck off

its your gallbladder my wife has the same problem
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