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I have prolapse of the bladder, uterus and cervix and need a total hysterectomy and I am afraid?

I am worried about the pain afterwards. It is going to be a vaginal hysterectomy with repairs and I have anxiety and panic attacks and I am really afraid. What is the worst thing that could happen if I don't go through with the surgery?

i had a hysterectomy November 17Th of 2006. i am 27. it was the best thing for me. the pain after words really sux. i healed in like 7 weeks. i got cut open though you know at the bikini line. it did hurt but i healed and now i feel great. if you don't get it done the problems that you have will probably not go away. you should really get this done. They give you a morphine drip for the first 24 hours then pain pills for the rest of the time. its not that bad. and just think, no more periods!! that's the best part. good luck to you
Let me be frank, a lot of pain in the first day or two, but you will get painkillers at the hospital for sure. After that it totally depends on you. Some women get up and about within 2-3 weeks some need 4-6 weeks. Its ok for both. There is no rule one has to abide by. You do as you wish and feel. If you feel you are not well, just stay put till you are. The pain gets less with time and I am sure that after you recover your health will be much better and less stressful. Good luck.
my mom had a histerectomy. she was in a good amount of pain after the medicine wore off. the staff even had her walking teh next day!! so, not to scare you or anything, but u'll be in a good amount of pain. but if u dont get it done, ur symptoms will get worse just like anything thts not taken care of right away.
I had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago, at first you will be comfortable because of pain meds when you get home relax as much as you can, don't over do it the cramps and discomfort should ease off in about 6 weeks or so. Try to think positive about the procedure and remember why you had to have it done. Good Luck to you.
A vaginal hysterectomy is one of the easier surgeries to recover from. You will receive pain killers after the surgery, but you should experience minomal pain. Several women,that are friends, have had this surgery and recovery was fast and less painful than the abdominal surgery.
If you decide not to have the hysterectomy done along with the repairs, you will probably experience leakage from your bladder. This is what happened to my kid sister when her bladder dropped. The dr. recommended that she have the sling put in to support her bladder, which will help with her weak bladder.
I had a abdominal hysterectomy done, I was not in major pain. I have a high tolerance for pain so the surgery did not create problems for me. The surgery relieved a lot of pain from excessive bleeding. Also took care of my mood swings. No longer sweat or have hot flashes as badly as before.
Goodluck and discuss your fears with your Dr.
please seek treatment... the worst thing that could go wrong if you don't have it will be your uterus falling out of you
try to have a vaginal hysterectomy no incision earier recovery rate, less risk....
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