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Is it possible for your bladder and colon to fall out years after a hysterectomy?

I have a friend whose mother is supposedly suffering from this. She also has cancer and has been on chemo for about three years.

When the foundation muscles around the vagina weaken, the bladder and rectum (bottom part of the colon) can push into pouches in the soft tissues around the vagina.

This is called prolapse, and does not really mean that the bladder and colon are falling out, but that they are not in their normal positions.
i have had a hysterectomy. been 20 years. ain't nothing fell out or is beginning to fall ouy. there is something else wrong with her. your friend is not forthcoming with all the info.
Bladder yes colon, YIKES ~~~~~I````Don't Think so >.......? Poor lady !!!!!!
Yes, the first answer you got is right. It happened to my mother as well. Only it happened to her before her hysterectomy.
It is very possible:

Colon prolapse:

Prolapse of the colon is a very common occurrence. When the transverse colon prolapses, it places pressure on the abdominal contents below it and pulls or draws on the organs above it. Another problem that can contribute to prolapse of the colon is constipation. When the intestinal contents back up from whatever the cause, fecal matter becomes dry and impacted. Long-term improper bowel care results in a thick build up of mucus along the colon wall. The combination of fecal material and mucus causes the colon to become very heavy with material that should move on. The weight of this material combined with improper nutrition to the muscles and ligaments plus the force of gravity, results in prolapse.


When the bladder prolapses, it falls towards the vagina and creates a large bulge in the front vaginal wall. It's common for both the bladder and the urethra (see below) to prolapse together. This is called a cystourethrocele and is the most common type of prolapse in women.

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