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Can liposuction help with diabetes and fibromyalgia?

When I have a larger "spare tire," I have more issues with my disglycemia, which is similar to diabetes; I have little tolerance for carbs. I am also carrying around more weight (30 pounds), which I assume is having an effect on my fibromyalgia. Maybe the fat itself effects fibromyalgia too, I don't know. What's your knowledge of this?

Look around locally and see if they have any Pilates Class in your area, if they do then attend. This will help tone up the spare tire, tone up the rest of your body and help with your health.
I would focus on dietary changes and more exercise to deal with your metabolic problems. The basic dietary changes for fibromyalgia will help with alot of the problems you are having. I assume you are aware of the changes?

Here is an article that outlines things that many fibromyalgia patients have found to be helpful. Following a fibro diet will probably help with your metabolic problems.


I have found diet to be one thing that helps me, its easily controlled and once adjusted helps to enable us to pursue the physical stuff better.
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