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Lung cancer?

what are the symptons of lung cancer - my sister in law may have
they saw a growth on her lung yesterday

Mainly coughing, and weakness.
weight loss, coughing, flu-like symptoms. I am sure the doctor would know, if it is cancer or not.
major syptoms are cough, short of breath, pain, fatigue, poor appetite, weight loss,....
Seek MD exam and tests. Do not play Doctor with this condition at home.
Wish I knew they found a growth on my lung on Monday and I have to go for a ct scan on the 3rd. I have a cough that I got a week before Xmas but everyone in my family was coughing so not to concerned. Doctor ordered xray to see if it was pneumonia and that's how they found 1cm growth.Feel ok otherwise.I hope your sister in law gets good news. Praying for myself and everyone else in this situation. God Bless
My husband had no symptoms. He thought he hurt his back at work. 3 days later diagnosed with lung cancer. March 20th. It was everywhere.He went thru radiation, chemo, gamma knife procedure and took a drug called tarceva. Sadly, my love passed June 6th.Good luck
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