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My brother died 2 years ago .he killed himself after 3 years of suffering from lung cancer.where is he now?

some body knows where are going our loved ones after so long sufferings?

I wish i could answer this question for you but i dont think any of us will ever know this until we too reach the end of our particular journey in life. Just believe that in your heart he will be with you always and remember to hold onto all the good memories he surely will have given to you. I have a friend who had cancer and he has only just died last wednesday due to septacaemia. He was only 35 and i know that for as long as i live i will truly believe that he is watching over me be it in heaven or just another dimension that we may travel into. God bless you and your family. I am sorry i do not have the answer you are looking for but dont let other people fool you with their spiritualistic views, none of us know where we are going until that day arrives!!
either Heaven or Hell
it all depends on whether or not he accepted god or not
I can't answer the question, but my sympathy go's to you and the family
Everyone has their own answer to that question based on their own personal beliefs. The only thing you can do is hope the spirit is some place better, and that you will meet again.
in the spirit world and i am sure that he is still able to know and love you. i am sorry for your lose
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