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Is emu oil good for people with lupus?

my mom has painful joints and has a stiff neck. Her medicine doesn't seem to help. She has joint pains and wants some natural relief since NSAIDS are bad for people.

Hi RX Queen
sorry to hear your mum's in pain, my daughter also has Lupus and I have been looking into the benefits of emu oil.

An analysis of emu oil by a professor at Auburn University showed that emu oil contains a high level of linolenic acid, a substance known to ease the pains of muscles and joints. The study also showed that emu oil contains oleic acid, which is good for local anti-inflammatory problems.
Does her Lupus come with any skin rashes, or is she just plagued with joint problems?
I would try something like Prosit for the joints, do a search on Google/Yahoo for prosit +joints, it is a natural product that helps with many joint issues.
Good luck and best wishes
Google Prosit +Joints
I have a friend with incredibly bad Fibromyalia she is using EMU Oil with wonderful results. She said that the Emu Oil at Wal-mart work as well as the more expensive Blue Emu oil.
Lupus is not a natural condition. It is not natural for the immune system to attack the self, but it happens. Lupus is worse for people than NSAIDS.

The joint pain associated with lupus is caused by inflammation. Anti-inflammatories (NSAID=non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and steroids, which are anti-inflammatory, as well as immunosuppressive drugs reduce the inflammation thereby reducing pain. She can hold out for "natural" and be in pain and perhaps cause permanent joint damage or she can take the meds and risk the side effects. It's a no win situation in which each patient must make the decision for him/herself.
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