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How to take away migraine?

I want to know the best way to solve migraine each time without medicine.
What should I do?

This is tough. Migraines, unlike headaches, involve a chain reaction going on in the brain. Some things you can try...

鈥?Relaxation and meditation
鈥?Peppermint for the nausea
鈥?Sleep! If you can get into a truly deep, restful sleep, the Migrainous activity in your brain will stop.
鈥?For some people, an orgasm as early in the Migraine as possible truly will stop it. It doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a try.
鈥?Some people find a bit of lavender oil rubbed on the temples helps.
鈥?There was a study that showed that the scent of green apples actually did help some people.
鈥?Massage helps some people.
鈥?Whatever you try, go to a dark, quite room to do it. That should at lease ease it some.

Good luck
sit in a really quite and dark room......and have a friend with u IF you need one to help u around and help u bring food
i have a friend how gets migranes a lot!
Salvadore Dali named a painting after this method of release.

I read a while ago it works but not sure if it does or if it was just a myth by some magazine writer.
When I used to have them I would see auras and then I would have ''tunnel vision'' and could only see a small little bit in the center of my vision. This woud last about 10-20 minutes. It would stop and then the headache would start. If I could get to a chiropractor quick before the headache got bad he could reduce it too a less painful headache but I still felt wierd. Having an orgasm as soon as your realize that you are having a migraine can sometimes reduce it too. When I had them I wanted drugs to knock me out. Now they have meds to prevent them I think. I have not had one in about 5 yrs but talking about them makes me uncomfortable. They are about the worse pain ever.
I get what I assume are migraine headaches of some sort from time to time.

I find in my case that various kinds of food seem to trigger them off. I tend to avoid those once I've decided what they are, that way I avoid the migraine before it starts.

your answer would be to see a remedial therapist , get them to work on the trapezius muscle & very importantly to target the levator scapulae muscle that attatches from the base of your skull just behind your ear to the top of your shoulder blade on both shoulders, trigger point therapy & stretching to this muscle with some deep massage will free this baby up in know time, some times the results are instant believe it or not!!

Good luck :)

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