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am HIV Positive

I find good refrence from www.babucure.com

Request to go through this web and guide me whether I purchase his book published on amazon.com in following link:

I am confused , any one expert Guide me .

I am HIV Positive.

Sounds dodgy to me, bet you they will ask you for lots of money
dont think so ,i will check it
AIDS is also cured by ingesting bleach. It's true.

Unfortunately they haven't found a cure for the impending doom that follows ingesting bleach.
Natural cures, combined with strong belief and prayer, can cure anything. I'ved survived two "incurable" diseases. Belief is first and foremost. Healthy body, mind, and spirit are vitally important, too. Eat to live, don't live to eat. Finally, good fortune, faith, or whatever you want to call it... just pray and think positively. It's amazing.
Good News
Dear Gentleman! "HAT's off to YOU" n UR Question !
At last I have seen someone who dares to declare HIV.

I will not take much of ur precious time, please check the 2 websites below with respective 'Research' work with proven result and Testimonies in treating:

(1) 19 HIV patients

(2) 19 patients for Immune deificiency

Keep up ur spirits positive and confidence the Y Q&A community is here to find the reality on VIRTUAL pages

Presentation of 19 (Nineteen) HIV / AIDS positive (+ve) cases turn to HIV/AIDS Negative (-ve) / Cure / Control with relevant information鈥檚 fortified with Scientific data on each case treated at our G. P. Institute (Hospital) will reveal high degree success rate with our available potent and effective Ayurvedic Medicines against the disease cited above having no side effects no contra indications at all. In fact the medicines administered in capsular forms to the patients according to the drug dosage Schedule Chart which are completely innocuous and easily acceptable to the patients. ............
...........more info on their website


US STUDY REPORT BY Dr. GEORGE EASSEY, head of the department of healing foundation and Doctor of Oriental medicines in California made a trip to India in 1993 to do an investigation on the efficacy of Immuno-QR on patients and suggest it鈥檚 use in the United States if found satisfactory.

He tried Immuno QR on 21 patients in the US that included 5 women and a boy below 15 years of age. His 18 patients (86%) had general symptoms like Fever, Weight loss, Physingitirs, Lymph Denopathy, Arthralgia, myalgia, Lethargia etc. And, 3 patients (14%) had Pneumocytis Carnipnemonia, Cytomegolo virus, and Mycobacterium arium complex.

All patients took two Immuno-Q R tablets four times a day. Along with Immuno 鈥換R tablets, the patients were advised to follow a diet on healthy organic foods. In addition they were given vitamin B complex and vitamin C

Patients?Subjective Assessment (out of 21 patients) ?

6 patients (29%) became completely cured after 50 days of treatment ?
8 patients (38%) decided to continue the treatment even after 100 days
considering the improvement of the treatment. ?
7 patients (33%) decided to drop out of the research but said that they were satisfied with the treatment. ?
RESULTS/SURVIVAL (out of 21 patients)
* Out of 21 patients 19 patients (90%) are still alive
* Out of these 19 patients, 6 (32%) had the killer organisms turned negative from a positive state. The death of 2 patients occurred only after more than one year of study. Both were full grown killer viral disease patients. They had besides been on AZT and other antiviral drugs.
* Those who had taken AZT at some point (10, i.e 48%) had 80% survival rate
* Those who had never taken AZT had 100% survival rate.
...............more info on their website


Do not worry KEEP TRUST in the blessed Healing system of your body, please act early consult your specialist Doctor about the below mentioned treatments, Explore and tell the world the Right Answer, I too am exploring the online & offline for similar remedies around the globe.

ASK Y Q&A for More enable us to be in touch with u
All of us are Humans here on this page, we may not understand ur pain how best we try, we are here searching HOPE along with U, Keep courage, and pls stick to this pages for more info,
Please comment about that again on this pages..........

Good Luck
Sorry you are HIV positive.

Several countries with large populations of HIV+ people purport to have cures for AIDS. This happens for two reasons. One is political and one is financial. Rumor of a cure allows the governments of poor countries to avoid the reality that except the very wealthy among their infected population that anti-retro viral drugs will continue to be unavailable due to high costs. In Nigeria they say sex with a virgin cures HIV. In South Africa they say taking blood root cures AIDS. And now in India someone with a dot com address (read company with something to sell) claims naturopathy will cure HIV. Anyone can create a web page and claim anything, but that doesn't make what they claim true.

Your best chances for long term survival would be to contact your local HIV resources group and get access to anti-retroviral drugs. It is quite possible to live a long life with HIV but at this point in time anyone who says they can cure HIV or AIDS is either lying to you or wanting to sell you something or both.

good luck to you
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