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Swollen eye due to allergies?

My left eye is now swollen due to the allergies. -_-. Are there any remedies that can reduce the swelling or any medecines I can use? Also, how long might this last?

Only one eye swollen? Are you sure that it's from allergies? usually both eyes are involved. I'd get it checked out just to be on the safe side. While at the doctor's office, you can ask for a prescription for an eye drop called Patanol. It will help with eye allergies, assuming that's what it truly is.
I have used Visine-A with success for itchy eyes. It has an antihistimine in it and may work for you. It will last as long as you are exposed to the allergin. If it's pollen, it won't last too long.
Try Visine AC that could help. If it doesn't then I would see the Dr. There are several prescription allergy eye drops out on the market.
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