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Can allergies affect mainly only 1 eye?

my 4 yr. old says her left eye keeps tearing up, ive taken her to the doc a couple of times, plus just took her to the eye doctor, they r not finding anything wrong, said it could be allergies, been going on for 5 weeks, but its mostly just 1 eye, helppppppp.

Yep, it could be allergies. My oldest son always gets symptoms in his right eye. We've found that everyday treatment with Claritin-D (he has a lot of congestion with his, thus the "D" ) and use of the Visine-A Eye Allergy Relief eye drops keep everything pretty much under control. I would definitely ask my eye doctor before using the drops or the Claritin on a child this young. My son was much older before we found the right doctor so she may need something different because of her age / weight. Please don't give up, allergies are a true source of misery especially for a younger child who doesn't understand why she feels so bad. If the doctors you're seeing don't seem to be taking her discomfort seriously please try a different doctor. REMEMBER, THE DOCTORS WORK FOR YOU !! IF YOUR NOT SATISFIED TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.
I had the same problem. One eye continued to tear-up. It turned out to be a clogged tear duct. The doctor unclogged it right in the office and it has never been a problem since. Perhaps that is the same thing your child is dealing with. Good Luck.
yes it could very well be allergies i would suggest some kind of eye drops even tho i am not a doctor i have lots of allergies and have been to the doctors a few times with a teary eye.... crusty eye.... one time the white of my left eye bubbled up and it looked like a pink tumor.... one eye could be more sensitive than the other.... kinda like me
It certainly could be allergies since you say "mostly" one eye not just one eye. She may be rubbing one eye more than the other with her dominant hand. Regardless, be sure she washes her hands frequently to lessen the problem being caused by a contact allergy as opposed to something like a food allergy.
it could be an allergic reaction that is affecting only one side, but not likely. It could be a clogged tear duct. That is probably the most likely answer
Yes, they can. A lot of times when my allergies are acting up, it's really both eyes but the right one gets so much worse that I don't notice the left one as much. I have no clue why, but it's usually that way.
If the irratation is being caused by contact, then yes it would make sense.
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