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One of my eyes won't stop watering, it's not allergies, what gives?

My left (and only left) eye waters uncontrollably. At first I thought it was allergies despite not having any other sypmtoms, but after taking allergy meds and this condition continuing for nearly a week now, I am stumped. The strange thing is that my pet chocolate labrador retriever has been having a similar problem with his eyes, and I am curious if I somehow contracted what he has? Is it possible that I somehow contracted this from my dog? Any help is very appreciative as I am sick of giving off the appearance that I was just crying. Oh yeah, there is nothing wrong with my right eye..only my left eye has been watering.

May be allergy,but more chances are of Dacryocystitis, means blockage of you lachrymal ducts.
Laser is the best treatment, or you can get recanalisation surgery.
You certainly could have an infection, whether it is from your dog or not. I suggest getting it looked at by a doc.
Well I know I have allergies and my left eye is the problem too, although allergy meds usually take care of it. In your case it sounds like you have an eye infection. while it is much more likely that your dog caught it from you, you should still go see a doctor. Go see a doctor soon, your eyes are precious and you don't want to take any chances. Good luck and let us know what the doctor says it is.
sounds like an eye infection. go see a doc for u & a vet for ur dog.
Maybe, but most likely the duct that runs from your eye to the nose is clogged. It usually drains your tears and when it is clogged the tears produced to keep the eye moist just overflow.

Dr. can tell and fix it of course.
Tears are constantly produced and drained from the eye. There are puncta close to the nose on each eyelid. These small holes drain the tears into the lacrimal cannicula to the lacrimal sac from there down a canal through the valve of Hanser into the back of the nose. An obstruction in this path impedes drainage and more tears are retained until they spill over this lid margin resulting in epiphora or tearing. If the condition is painless, surgery may be required to clear the path for drainage. Other causes may be improper positioning of the lids against the eye, meibowmian gland disfunction, excessive tear production (rare,) even dry eye (keratitis sicca.) Itching is usually present if allergy is the cause.
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