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I've been diagonsed with osteoarthritis. i'm 27 yrs old. will i end up in a wheelchair?

i've had several bad sprains in my ankles and and shoulders over the yrs. i've just been diagnosed w/osteoarthritis. will i end up in a wheelchair?

I hope you will not
There's no way to say for sure or not. It all depends on how you age. Take the vitamins/meds you need to prevent bone loss/weakening and continue as normal. It's not a death sentence.
Are you seeing an orthopedist? There are treatments and exercises that can help you. You should be in rehab therapy on a regular basis. Don't be scared. They're constantly coming up with new medicines.
their are lots of medicines and treatments available today for osteoarthritis. I am 47 years old , I was diagnosed at the age of 30. I guess it really depends on what you can do now for it. I am not in a wheel chair. Doctor's more then one have told me to exercise
People who consume Himilayan Goji Juice are noticing amazing results. I know a lady who is working her way out of a wheelchair by using this product which is backed by 34 scientifically proven benefits as well as 72 published clinical studies on Pub-med.org under the name Lycium Barbarum. You are very young so you want to start doing whatever you can now to avoid problems later.
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