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Pain Management - Husband's Damanged Arm?

My husband damaged his arm in an accident where he was dragged into a milling machine.

The wrist was badly dislocated, and his forearm broken in several places. They put the wrist back together, and operated on his arm. He has a metal plate in his forearm now.

He has gone through alot of therapy but now, one and a half years on, they are telling him the pain will never ease. He does not want to take medication for the pain as he doesn't want to frig his body even more with constant pain killers.

I would like him to get a second opinion on the repair of his arm. I don't think they did a very good job with the metal plate as the screws were left sticking at least 1/2 inch out the other side of the bone. I have serious doubts they did a very professional job.

In the meantime - can anyone suggest pain relief? He get's so depressed.

I feel bad for your husband--his injury will leave him with some form of pain for life. Whether in the form of arthritis or the injury itself.

However, that doesnt mean he has to be on pain killers for the rest of his life.
A second opinion is an excellent idea--even if the Drs. did a fine job--almost 2 yrs later there could be scar tissue or nerve impingment that could be relieved and thus relieve some of his current pain.

I am sure he is well versed in the use of ice and heat. Gentle exercise to keep the arm from getting stiff and allowing for circulation.

If he still suffers swelling or fluid retention in the arm--that suggests something more is wrong. If his pain levels are high--I would think the Docs need to take another look.
There is a big difference from aching arthritic pain and severe--he should not be having severe pain at this point.

Having said all this--if everything checks out and he still has severe to moderate pain he might want to consider pain meds that are extended release. Taken only two times a day. They are opiads but believe it or not--safer than a continued diet of anti-inflamatorys.

He wont become an addict on these meds but may find he will feel better and with that his depression will get better.
A proper chronic pain doctor does more than just give meds--they create a plan that includes many therapys including bio-feedback etc..

He will be able to reduce his need for any meds. Right now--pain and depression will stop his progress and enhance the pain.

Besides the obvious pain--his injury was a life altering event and being able to come to terms with that is half the battle and will also help reduce pain levels.
My suggestions are this:
1. Get that second opinion.
2. Find a Pain management Doctor.

Best wishes to you both--I am dealing with CP issues with my leg. I have to say that medication is better than not being able to walk. Source(s): I am also a nurse.
While you are researching other options for his physical care, see about hypnosis or other "mind over matter" options fro a pain management doctor. I understand his reluctance to get hooked on pain medication, but there are other ways to deal with chronic pain, only using medication as a last resort when the pain is too bad to bear otherwise. Even a great hobby will help keep his mind off of it for a little while.
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