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Intense leg, possibly pelvic, pain?

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and experiencing a good deal of pain in the area connecting my leg and butt. It's usually, and mostly severely, on the right side, but sometimes it is less painfully so on my left side as well. The pain has been rather intense for the past couple of weeks, but it seems as if it's been gradually building up for a month and a half. It feels almost muscular, as it seems that sitting for any period of time makes it more painful when I do start moving again. It's worst when I'm sleeping and I try to change positions, so bad that it takes me minutes to roll over and any movement I make involves me lifting my legs up with my own hands or gripping the poles on my bed for extra help, meanwhile I'm almost in tears from pain and frustration. I expected that my stomach would be causing all the trouble, not my legs!

My question is, is this normal? I know pregnancy causes strain on the body, but this just seems like too much.

I was in SOOO much pelvic pain! It is normal, worse for some of us I believe though. Sleep on your left side with lots of pillows between legs. ALSO what really helped me was pregnancy yoga, best move is to get on your knees with pillow under belly and head on something like a couch. This helped me A lot relive the tention on pelvis. GOOD LUCK & CONGRATS!!!!!!!
i know toward the end of my pregnancys i had lots of pain in the front area like in my legs where my hoo hoo is lol. but if u are talking about the back area it could be ur sciatic nerve. as ur baby grows it puts pressure on that nerve and causes pain in ur butt and down ur leg. i have that bad now mostly on my left side but sometimes right. take a hot\warm bath and try to relax. u are almost ready to have the baby so it will go away soon. i know for me if i am sitting and i stand sometimes my leg feels like it is going to give out and im gonna bust my butt on the floor lol. just take ur time and have someone rub the area, that could help. even a heating pad to relax the muscle\nerve. I know for me, the more i do and the more lifting i do the more the sciatic nerve bothers me. good luck and God Bless
its called Sciatica, i got it both times bad! One trip to the chiropractor and it was gone
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