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I am 37 weeks pregnant, and since last week I have this severe pelvic/vaginal pain, and abdominal pain?

This is making walking very difficult, as well as when I have to turn in bed, the pain is terrible. My doctor says my baby's head is 1/5 engaged. Could some one tell me what this is about. I am 38 years and this is my first baby

It means you are going to pop that baby out really soon. Good luck!!!
You're gonna go into labor soon. You're feeling all the pressure of the baby wedging in the birth canal. It's very uncomfortable. But the abdominal pains could be contractions so keep track of them.
i was told today that my babys head is very deep into the canal and he can make an appearance very soon..that is what it sounds like for you too..and im 38 weeks and this is my first ..ive been having the same pelvic pain and pressure...so i would expect to go soon..
38 weeks pregnant
Your baby has entered into the lower part of the cervix, preparing the pending delivery. It gets alot harder to become comfortable as it gets closer. Hang in there it will be all worth it in a few more days.

My baby just turned 10 weeks & it's well worth the pain.
your baby has dropped into your pelvis and is sitting really low.The pain and discomfort is from all the pressure on your bladder, muscles and nerves down there. what you are feeling is normal and I know its very uncomfortable but you'll be fine. i went through this with all 3 pregnancies.
Baby has obviousl dropped. It feels VERY uncomfortable. My son dropped around 38 weeks too. He was born 2 weeks later. Just try to takeit easy. You will need to conserve your energy for labor and delivery.

Also, if you have not packed a bag yet, you should.
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