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I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have pain in my pelvic area.?

I have stretching pain on the right side of pelvic. Is this normal or should I got get it checked out ASAP?

Thanks alot!!!!!

Call your doctor right now. They will page him/her. Don't neglect pain. It's telling you something.
you probably have a baby stuck in there, its pretty commen.
You idiot. You're nine months pregnant. What do you think those pains are supposed to be?
could just be your pelvis is moving to accomodate your baby's head dropping into position, but it is best to consolt your doctor about any concerns you may have, good luck
been pregnant twice myself
Its hard to say only you truly know your body. I am not sure what kind of stretching pain you mean, I get a pain below my ribs in the pelvic region if I sit in one position too long, I am 37 weeks. This is the time all the uncomfortablility comes out. Remember you are growing a little being 6-13lbs (A german shepard puppy at 8 weeks old is smaller than what is growing inside your body) They are BOUND to run out of room! If you get dizzy or really are worried head in to the er just to be safe! YOu know your body better than anyone!
It is likely normal; especially if the pain is relieved by position changes (like if it's better lying down or sitting). You are close to term, so you're bound to have odd aches and pains due to your growing uterus/baby. But if you have severe constant pain that is unrelenting, or come and go pain (like contractions), these are reasons to go see your doctor right away.

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