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After a spinal tap day after should there be exteme pain in the pelvic area?

my 11 year old daughter had one yesterday and she can hardly sit or walk or even lay down. Is this normal? Whe has a extreme headache, neck ache. Her fluid came back normal.

Side effects and risks of the procedure

Approximately 10% to 20% of people develop a spinal headache (one that worsens when sitting or standing).
The risk of infection is extremely low.
Occasionally, a small blood vessel is pierced, causing bloody discharge. No treatment is needed.
The procedure is usually not painful, but momentary twinges of pain may be felt if the needle brushes against nerve tissue.
Care after the procedure

Once a spinal tap is completed, you will be instructed to lie flat. The time spent flat after the tap will vary depending on why you received the procedure.
Avoid strenuous or vigorous exercise for a day or so following the lumbar puncture.
If you have a headache, lay down as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids. Contact your health care provider if the headache persists.
Drink 2 1/2 quarts of liquid the day of the lumbar puncture and the day after (regardless of headache).
When to Contact the Doctor

Call your local doctor immediately if:

You notice any unusual drainage, including bloody discharge, at the puncture site.
You develop a fever.
Your headache persists.
Your pain symptoms worsen.
If it was normal your doctor would have told you and probably gave her some pain killers. I would call the ER and see what they say.
You need to call the doctor who did the spinal tap or take her to the ER. It's possible that the puncture didn't seal right and there is a small leak of cerebrospinal fluid. They might need to do a blood patch to take care of it. Best to get her checked out to be sure and safe. Good luck.
NO !
I would return to the doctors and explain the pain.

The spinal tap (lumber - punch ) would of been to test your inner spine for meningitis / etc ...

I was walking hours after mine (in which took 70 minutes to get the fluid) but was painless the next day, I auditioned for a screen play.

I HIGHLY recommend the doctors a.s.a.p.

Good luck ...
personal experiance
When I have spinal taps, I have had to lay pretty still for five hours, which is probably hard for a child. Movement can lead to headaches. Myself I have had no problems.
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