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Swollen lump w/pain to touch and strange discomfort in lower abdomen/pelvic region.?

I had not noticed anything at all and have become slightly bothered now without any information as to -what- it could be. Help?
The lump is slightly larger than 1 inch long, in an oval shape about 3/4-1inch thick. I would guess the volume of about 1cubic inch total. It's hard, not squishy, and doesn't move more than a hair in any direction. It seems to be fine until I touch it. It's not like 'ouch!' painful, just tender. The skin around it is smooth and red, stretched a bit. It's located dead-center between my belly button and gential area. Doesn't seem to be a lymphnode but I am not that familiar with lymphnodes. When I gently pressed around it I noticed also that above my genital region the whole area (size of palm) is puffy. My lower gut and the general problem area has kind of had this faint ache sensation move through it quickly and then go away. I am not otherwise having problems. Any idea what this is, or could be? I really can't afford to see a doctor.

Lymph nodes are located off to the sides, not dead center in the abdomen. I'm betting on a hernia. Please read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/hernia...

Because you are female, this could certainly be something more profound and I agree with the others... you can't afford NOT to go to the doctor.

Call your local Health Department, explain your situation, ask if there is a free or low cost way to be seen in your city/county. If you experience intense pain, discomfort, fever or additional swelling, go to the Emergency Room and tell them that you have no insurance, but would like to speak with a social worker to see if you qualify for assistance or bill reduction.

Keep in mind that while it might cost a bit at this point, it will probably only get worse later, risk your health to a large degree and certainly won't get less expensive to treat... only more complex.

I will tell you that this does NOT sound like anything I can think of that would go away on its own. Even fibroids would probably move a bit when you touch the area. Hernias can be quite dangerous if they go untreated, so please make arrangements to be seen by a qualified physician. I'm happy to assist you if you contact me offlist by e-mail and tell me your area and income situation. Source(s): Co-founded non-profit organization for children with rare genetic disorder, sat on board of directors for local health care facility, involved in medical research
You can't afford not to. Get into an emergency room. They will have to help you even if you have no insurance and you need it.
Some doctors will let you pay on a sliding scale or pay at a later date. I would suck it up and go see one because it could be many things and you don't want to just assume that it's nothing. Go see a doctor!
You really need to get to a doc. I ignored a similar problem and ended up needing emergency surgery. If you think you can't affoard a doc now, you can bet you won't be able to affoard a hospital say later.
Agree, first go to a doctor... Second, could be a hernia, where the muscle tissues have seperated and your internal organs are being pinched it could be very serious...
It might be a boil, go to the ER, they will take you without insurance.
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