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What would cause sharp pains in the right side of your pelvic area?

I have been having pains since yesterday. My period isnt supposed to start for a few more days, but I started bleeding a little. These pains aren't normal cramping & I cant be pregnant. I haven't had sex in 4 months. This is almost painful enough to make me go to the ER. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on?

could be appendicitis. does it hurt when you press on your abdomen on the right side? go to your doctor and get it checked out if it continues.
better be safe than sorry.
Could be your appendix or you could be constipated... If your sure its not constipation take 2-3 tablets of 200 mg ibuprofin and If that DOESNT work. Go to the doctor asap.
appendix, see a doctor
maybe a bladder infection? or kidney infection?..maybe even kidney stones
It could be a ruptured ovarian cyst or apendicitis. could be as simple as a pulled muscle. if it doesnt go away, see your GYN MD
Could be your appendix, gallbladder or some type of urinary tract infection or kidney infection. Both the UTI and kidney infection could cause bleeding. Go to the doctor defiantly, there are minor emergency clinics if you cant get a doctors appt. soon.
Yes, go to the er. I had super sharp (stabbing) pains on my right side - went to er , it was so painful. it turned out to be diverticulitius....(spelling may be off - but has to do with digestive tract & if you have had constipation....& blood u may have some type of infection in your intestines...) yes, go to er....there is no other way to cure this - and hey, whenever there is blood that should be checked out immediately....go take care of yourself - you health is important !
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