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Pregnancy. freaking out.?

occasionally i get too busy and forget to take my birth control but will take it the next morning. [my normal time is around ten at night] can this cause me to get my period early? because two days ago i forgot to take it and i bled quite a bit today.
and what if a day before i missed it i had unprotected sex? will i still be protected because i was scheduled until the next day? and since i got my period does that mean im not?

just because your on your period does not mean your not prergnant you still can be and if the pill is in your system for at least one month then dont worry too much a bout missing one pill it will be okay and missing youer pill shouldnt affect your cycle
you are most likely not pregnant, and missing your pill can cause all kinds of problems so everything is ok just remember to take those pills they regulate your hormones to keep you from having an unwanted pregnancy! best wishes!
It is very important that you take it at the same time every day. If not you do run the risk of getting pregnant. As far as the early period, missing one day shouldn't make you start early but if you miss more than 1 you could. Your body begins to think that you are not taking the pills with the hormones in it and that it is time to start. You might want to think about taking them in the morning instead of so late at night. Anytime you miss a pill you should consider yourself not protected for the month. Also if you are on antibiotics, they will cause your pills to be ineffective for the months. Most doctors forget the tell their patients that!
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