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Lactation without pregnancy?

I don't think I'm pregnant but my nipples feel like something is gonna come out. What's going on?

go to doctor immediately. any discharge from breasts is dangerous. and u do not have any lactation during first months of pregnancy anyway
something to think about is when i am about to start my period my breasts hurt something fierce. my nipples also itch. however when i was pregnant i don't remember lactating during at least the first trimester of my pregnancy. If all else fails get a test
I too recommend going to the doctor, though there have been documentation of rare phenomena where women who are VERY emotionally attached to the development of a yet-born child has developed the ability to lactate by virtue of being so connected to the pregnant mother.

I doubt that this is you, but it is some fascinating stuff to think about. Hope it eases any anxieties.
see your doctor
i sometimes lactate during my priod, its just hormones or so im told! have u given birth before?
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