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Do home pregnancy tests really work?

I'm a bit of a worrier (well... hypocondriact to be honest with myself) and recently convinced myself I might be pregnant so got a couple of home tests. Took them - and they came back negative. However, being the worrier that I am, I'm concerned (and probably shouldn't indulge myself so much) that they're not very accurate - espeically considering all the stories you hear of people getting the wrong result. Seriously speaking, are they acturate? Can I trust that I am not pregnant?

Honestly most pregnancy tests are 99% accurate if they are taken at least the day you would expect your period. In very very rare cases a home pregnancy test may not even be able to detect pregnancy in some women. I have never actually met a woman that this has happened to so it is very rare. I say if you are still getting negatives by the time you are late for your period then you probably aren't pregnant and your period is just being delayed. However after a week and no period then have a blood pregnancy test done to find out for sure if you are one of those women who the test won't show up pregnancy. For this pregnancy I used every imaginable test from the cheap ones to the digitals and they all worked. As a matter of fact the dollar general $4 test showed up positive first so how expensive or cheap the test is doesn't matter. Source(s): Tried to get pregnant for 4 1/2 years and finally succeded (10 weeks pregnant) so plenty of pregnancy test experience!
They work so well that the NHS does not test you if your home kit shows a positive. They take it as gospel.
they are over 99.9% accurate. my freinds doctor wouldnt give her another test as she had already done 2 'at home' tests and they were both positive. he seemed to think they worked perfectly well.
They are 99.9% accurate, so if you have done 2 the chances of you being pregnant are slim to none.
you can get a false negative but a false positive is highly unlikely, if you still think you could be pregnant see your GP.
They are highly accurate. The time when people get most false readings is when they do them a few days after they think they're pregnant - so the hormone that triggers the positive test hasnt yet circulated in the body. If you've done 2 and you think you're more than 4 weeks pregnant they should be right. If in doubt wait a week and do another xx
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