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Period and pregnancy?

I had my period on the 17th of this month it was fairly normal, maybe a little heavier than normal but, what are the chances that I could be pregnant?

no chance of pregnency because you had little heavier bleeding. there is chance of pregnency when there is less bleeding or no bleeding.any how you can go for urin pregnency test.
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    yes it's possible if the one administering the pregnancy test will consent and connive with the woman to fake the result. btw, are you asking this question due to a personal problem or a...
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    Just after giving birth. You are advised to put the baby to your nipple shortly after birth as there are a lot of nutrients and anti-bodies in the colostrum for the child. The colostr...
  • Period or pregnancy?
    I have had 5 children, and thought I was miscarrying with two of them. I learned from the OB nurse that if you were having a miscarriage, the pregnancy test would still be positive because t...
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    I believe that around 6 weeks you should hear a heart beat,the doc will tell you if there is a prob. he or she may hear it but not you as you may not be as used to the sound of it. sometime...
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    Cerebral hemorrhage is more commonly known as an aneurysm; it usually caused by a weakened blood vessel wall, and in your case it could have been a pre-existing defect that was exacerbated b...
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    NO. They are not all manufactured the same. it could be a defect with the pregnancy test itself. or you could get a false-positive. This means that your natural hormones are "trip...
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    Sex after delivery is not that bad, but also not advisable because, your wife suffered few stitches if she had a normal delivery. and it will be stressful for her. It also could be a selfish...
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