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At what stage of pregnancy should you have sex or stop doing it.?

It is fine to have sex all the way through your pregnancy, will the baby be fine.

you can have sex all the way through if you are comfortable with it and you have no history of complications, some people dont have sex for the 1st three months, to be safe, but you might not feel much like it then anyway if you have bad morning sickness tender breasts etc, after the first few months you may find you feel more sexy than usual with your larger breasts and hormones flying around. in later pregnancy when yu get large and tired you may find you have to find different positions, such as spoons with your partner behind. your partner may not want to make love to you, but if not dont feel upset, it is common for men to feel differently about their partners when pregnant. in very late pregnancy a lot of couples use making love as a method of helping start labour as the hormones and prosgladins in the semen help to soften the cervix.
so to lcut a very long story short...do whatever you feel comfortable with, and follow your doctors advice if you have any complications or history of miscarriage.
good luck with the baby, and have fun x
Yes, it's absolutely fine as long as you use positions that are physically comfortable for you. No harm can come to the baby.
I heard it is ok.
Ask your midwife.
You can have sex anytime during pregnancy unless the doctor states otherwise
yes..........sex all through pregnancy is fine as long as you feel fine about it !!! Just find a position that is comfortable for you................it won't harm the baby xxx
do it all the way through its good for exercising the muscles that you will need during labour
You might not feel inclined toward sexual activity when you are in the later stages of labor.....LOL.
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