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is it normal for some one who has schizophrenia to play mind games on other people.. and do they stick to routine to help themselves with this problem

What your describing sounds more like a personality disorder. In my experience, people with mental health problems can, without realising it, become selfish and lack empathy for other peoples needs. Make your friend aware of their behaviour, and tell them that it is not appropriate.
Sticking to routines can be beneficial to people with Schizophrenia, as it enables them to avoid things that cause stress, and keep in control of their illness.
how many froggies are in my hand? in my hand oh please king sir! oh dont want to pick one and let it go, the mushrooms will eat it!! how many mushrooms are in my hand? in my hand???...
depends on the person if they are not helped then they probably will play on other peoples minds
It is very typical. Many people with schizophrenia feeel a very strong need to maintain what control they can over their lives. They will often keep people at a distance. Routine is important to lots of people with all kinds of mental illness. It reduces the likelihood of psychotic episodes and along with medication it allows us to maintain fairly normal lives.
Had an ex who was borderline, yes they will play mind games, but seriously they cannot help it, is just something in their head that is telling them that what they are doing is right. 99% of the time they regret it later, but sometimes it is then too late.

If you are friends with or in a relationship with someone with the condition you have to learn to differentiate between normal behaviour and acts caused by the illness, not easy.
No wants or asked 2 B schizophrenic.
& everybody can play mind-games.
But I think I know what U mean, as U settle down with age, it can change how the schizophrenia affects that person.
Yep I played mind games galore when I was younger but once U've tried a couple of times & been hurt, U quickly discover it's not nice 2 B on the recieving end.
I'm border-line with NO Meds, I cope by having a strangle-hold on extra thoughts, like paranoia, that I don't need!
well mate as it she doesn't play mind games and trying too stick to a routine but its hard for her shes doing great whats she doing is going out more seeing mates trying to live a normal life ad taking a her tablets
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