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my husband was diagnosed once with A VERY MILD case of schizophrenia in April of 02, yes I know schizophrenia is schizophrenia but the "best" two docotrs where we live says he has such a mild case...My husband was put on medication and has been great ever since...He was only hospitlized once in April and sicne then we just see a psych doctor once every 3-6 months...He is graduating from college next month and has continued working fulltime at a bank...So, his whole illness has been very mild and I have been very lucky...The only other personevery diagnosed in his family with a mental illness was his dads sister...which would be his aunt....No other people were ever diagnosed or even hospitalized or anything...There is NO mental illnesses on my side of the family...Anyway, now that were married and starting careers we want to have a child...I know that I will love my child no matter what...But I was wondering if ayone else new my chances of having this passed on from my husband?

Schizophrenia is hereditary. But is very easily mis-diagnosed. My dad had schizophrenia, along with a couple of his brothers. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia a couple of years ago, but when he was recently re-assessed they have claimed he just has 'anger issues', when he was already diagnosed, and it is in the family. Schizophrenia is also more than likely only passed on through the males, ie I dont have it, but have had depression, so often get asked if i do have it, but they quickly rule it out as the chances aren't that high. I think you should go ahead and have children. The chances of your children experiencing this is low, but will still need to be looked out for. Also, keeping this open knowledge to your children is a good thing, as drugs can bring out schizophrenia in those that are likely to carry it in there bloodstream. Love your children unconditionally and keep a watchful eye on them. :) good luck xoxo
There will be slim chances passing it down to a child, even with a high case. You child has very low chances of getting it, next time you go to his psych doctor discuss this with the doctor.

I hope the best for you and your husband and hope you have a strong healthy child.

Happy Holidays, Rob
I actually read an article recently linking Schizpphrenia with environmental influences more so than genetic ones, if that helps. People were more likely to develop Schizophrenia when either the father or the morther was absent from the household. I just can't remember which one. Sorry.
Sadly schizophrenia is inherited. When I was a kid, my mom used to take me in for tests all the time because I would be so angry all the time, and since my Grandma has itr she always worried about it. I don't have it and have mellowed out in my age, but its something that I worry about for my children as well when I start having them. Whether your husband has a "mild" or "severe" case it has just as much chance of being passed down to children. There have been several suggestions as to what causes shizophrenia. 10 is environmental factors, abusive families specifically so bad to where the child feels they need to "escape" so they make up fantasy worlds or something they can get away to when being beaten, is a contributor. They have also linked it to women getting a really bad illness during the third trimester when the fetus is going through the most crucial developmental time of the brain. They've also noticed that babies born in the winter months also have a higher risk which goes hand in hand with the mother getting sick in the 3rd trimester.

My Grandma was Born in December, my Great Granny(her mom) caught Scarlet Fever in October during the third trimester, and she was born to 2 abusive alcoholics, and was physically abused and mentally also. My poor Grandma didn't have much of a chance! So I would say that some of the connections are true, as all 3 happened, and my Grandma is a severe Schizo, she was commited to the state 24 years ago, when she was about 35.
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