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My husband has Diffuse Scleroderma. I am looking for ways to help ease his pain. I know massage helps a lot, along with soft stretching. Is there anything else that I could do to try to help eleviate some of the discomfort? This is some nasty stuff. Sure wish they'd find a cure........ Thanks for your help!

I posted on your last question and didn't realize you were looking for ways to help his pain. I am sorry that I didn't offer any ideas before.

If his hands are affected and really stiff and the skin is super tight what worked for my mother in law, was hot (warm) waxes and lotions. Kind of like when you get a manicure and they soak your fingers except do the whole hand or foot. She found an old tub that was for soaking your feet and she would put lotion and wax in it and heat it up so that it is warm and then soak in it. This really seemed to relieve pain for her. However, she was on a lot of pain medication because there isn't a lot out there to help people specifically with this disease. She also said laying in the sun helped ease her pain. It is even more rare for men to have it. Source(s): If I can be of any use to you and your husband feel free to send me an email.
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