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Are there any women familiar with the sexual dysfunction called vaginismus?

My girlfriend and I feel she may have the symptoms and I want to get a better idea (preferably from someone knowledgable of or familiar with it) on how the condition has effected your life and/or relationship.

Yes, I have vaginismus and am working on correcting it now. It is a condition where the the entry to the vagina tightens and causes pain when anything enters or touches it. I am still learning about it but I do know that it's only PARTLY psychological. My OB told me that its an actual condition. First and foremost if you speculate that your gf has this condition, do NOT have intercourse. It will make it worse! Second, she needs to see her OB. He will definitely be able to help. Mine prescribed lidocaine (which is a cream that numbs the skin) for me to use on myself. He said it is fixable but takes patience and work. He told me it could be up to 6 months before we have intercourse again.
My advice to you would be to 1. Be patient, supportive, and understanding with her. It is extremely painful. So it's understand not to want to have sex, or even look forward to it.
I hope I helped!
if you are wanting more info on this try talking to a doctor or visit the website webmd.com the best advice is to ask questions if you dont understand....
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