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Is there a "best climate" to live in for chronic sinusitis sufferers? Am desperate for some relief! THANKS!!

I have heard of, and have experienced, worsening symptoms in a cool, damp, foogy type of climate typical of the California central coast region. Has anyone else experienced this? The chronic sinusitis is due to severe, yearlong allergies. Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

usually, drier climates are better because they keep the nasal passages dry, which cuts down on the amount of runny nose and post nasal drip. also, moister climates which are more humid/have more water grow plants quicker and in more abundance, so therefore, the amount of pollen/dust/ragweed/etc that causes the allergy is more plentiful. however, dry climates have their drawbacks too - there is alot of dust in the air and alot of different things floating in the air that can cause allergy symptoms. but for sinusitis, dry climates seem to be better simply for the drying out characteristic...also in the summer (hotter) months there tends to be less stuff floating in the air to trigger the sinusitis...only time it is really bad is when there are fires burning. i moved from california to vegas and noticed that my allergies cleared up noticeably within 4 months or so of being here...not as many allergy attacks and not as many runny and itchy noses. much better! Source(s): RN
The cold dry climate of Antarctica is the best place, apply to work for the National Science Foundation at McMurdo Station or South Pole Station
Dry climates such as Arizona
i can't answer your question directly, but i do have a freind who had sinus surgery after years of suffering and he declares it changed his life. he is very happy and much much better.
i'm a nurse
When you find out where it is, please let me know. My wife suffres from the same thing. And also gets sinus infections from the sinusitis. I myself suffer from sinus neuralgia, very painful thing.
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