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Sleep disorder?

When I go to sleep at night, I fall fast asleep in 2-5 minutes (I even dream) and I awake 10 minutes after that with a jump (not a gasp). This used to happen once a month now it happens everynight without fail. Any ideas?

this is called sleep myoclonus. It is very common and completely normal.

If you are falling asleep so quickly at night, this is probably because you are overtired. If you are getting an adequate amount of sleep on a regular basis, your body should take about 10-20 minutes to fall asleep after you lie down and close your eyes. It sounds like you need to try to get to bed earlier. Source(s): I am a physician
theres a real bad feeling not dealt with in waking life an unresolved conflict or some stress see a counselor for free at the local behavioral health clinic use a false name if you feel like it
I saw a show that said they don't know why people jump out of their sleep like that. I know someone that has the same problem, and it seems to be getting more frequent now as well. It is definatly worth asking your doctor about to see if they can give you anything.
There are so many possible senarios and causes for this. See a doctor, and have him refer U to a sleep specialist if this is a real problem. Good luck!
I wish I could fall asleep that fast. I suffer from slight insomnia. It takes me about 55 minutes to fall asleep. Your body is probably telling you that your falling asleep to fast. but don't take my word for it. maybe your body is telling to be fortunate that you can get to sleep while others have to lay in bed for some time before they can get to sleep.

and hey, I wouldn't try to find ways to not fall asleep so fast consider it a gift from god that you can get to sleep so fast at night. I believe that it is healthy to be able to get to sleep fast.
I had the same problem- I went to the doctor and I have a sleep disorder he prescribed Restoril, it works fast-I take it in bed and it works in about 10 minutes and I sleep all night! Try it.
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