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I want to quit smoking but when i gte tensed am not able to stop smoking please give tips to quit smoking soon

am a housewife

Its not just the nicotine. Its also the other 50+ chemicals they out in cigarettes. Also the main problem is habit.
We have been used to having body sensations which we translate as 'my body needs something, which we have attempted to satisfy by having a cigarette.
When we try to stop smoking, we still get these 'my body needs something' sensations, and we still feel that we want a cigarette. We have to train our body to be more selective. When we feel we need something, we have to work out what it is that we actually need.
A glass of water is an excellent substitute if nothing else comes to mind, as it helps with the clearance of the toxic substances in our body. Another good substitute is a bag of salted peanuts, used in combination with the water.
Another thing to do is to find an activity which occupies the mind or body. Go swimming - nobody wants to smoke while they are swimming. Slowly, as our body adjusts and translates the 'want something' feelings into something other than cigarettes, then the feelings begin to go away. We know its not a cigarette that the body really needs, because as soon as we've had one we still have the feeling, and want another!
Get a hobby to keep your mind off the cigarettes. Especially something that will keep your hands very busy.

And keep gum to chew so you'll have something to put in your mouth.

You may find exercise such as walking or running helpful.

Good luck!
Only the great man above can help you. You need to go to church with your family and i promise you youll get help.
There's only one way--COLD TURKEY!!I just passed my 2 year anniversary of no smoking---I smoked KOOLs for 27 years, 2 cartons a week.
It's hard at first but it gets easier every day after about a week. Be strong, and don't give in--chew gum or take a walk.
Put your cig money away, and treat yourself to something every couple weeks.
You can DO it!!!!
This method works for me and is the only money back guaranteed.
I quit smoking 2 years ago

Get the Facts
Easyway, founded by Allen Carr in 1983, has the highest independently verified 12-month success rate (75.8% for a smoker completing the program) of any quit smoking technique and a 90% satisfaction rating.

Compare Easyway to other methods and see for yourself why Easyway is called 鈥淭he Cadillac of quit smoking methods.鈥?br />
The Allen Carr Method

Using psychotherapy, the method works in the opposite way to the 鈥渨illpower鈥?method. It does not concentrate on the reasons the smoker should not smoke : the money, the slavery, the health risks and the stigma. Smokers know all that already. Instead it focuses on why smokers continue to smoke in spite of the obvious disadvantages.

It is fear that keeps smokers hooked!

Fear the smoker will have to give up their pleasure or crutch. Fear the smoker will be unable to enjoy life or handle stress. Fear the smoker will have to go through an awful trauma to get free. Fear the smoker will never get completely free from the craving.

The Method removes these fears
Smokers quit with the Allen Carr Method as happy non-smokers, not feeling deprived but with a huge sense of relief and elation that they have finally achieved what they always wanted鈥?


What about the terrible withdrawal pangs from nicotine?

The physical withdrawal from nicotine is so slight that most smokers don鈥檛 realise that they are addicts. What smokers suffer when they try and quit using other methods is the misery and depression caused by the belief that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch.

The Allen Carr Method removes this feeling of deprivation.
It removes the need and desire to smoke. Once the smoker is in the right frame of mind and they follow the simple instructions, the physical withdrawal from nicotine is hardly noticeable.

No Gimmicks!

The Method does not use any gimmicks, useless aids or substitutes. No nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, tabs, inhilators or nasal sprays! No needles! No lasers! No drugs! No herbs! No shock treatment!

The Allen Carr Method is successful because:

It removes the smokers鈥?conflict of will.
There are no bad withdrawal pangs.
It is instantaneous and easy.
It is equally effective for long-term heavy smokers and light smokers.
You need not gain weight.
You will not miss smoking.

Medical Endorsements

A personal view from Professor Judith Mackay MBE, JP, FRCO (Edin), FRCP (Lon), World Health Organisation Advisory Panel on Tobacco and Health

鈥淚 have no hesitation in supporting Allen Carr鈥檚 work. Many clinics use some of his techniques but it would appear that few do it in quite such a successful package.鈥?br />
Carole Johnson, Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Unit, Tyne Tees

鈥渉is success rate was such that, when budgets allow, we continue to use Easyway for work with specific groups and individuals.鈥?br />
Dr Anil Visa BSc, MBBch., FRCA, Consultant 鈥?Royal Hospitals NHS Trust 鈥?Royal London Hospital

鈥淚 have observed the Allen Carr method at first hand and have found it to be very successful and I wholeheartedly support it as an effective way to quit smoking.鈥?br />
Dr William Green, Head of Psychiatric Dept, Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong

鈥淚t is a remarkable fact that Allen Carr, on his own admission a non-professional in behaviour modification, should have succeeded where countless psychologists and psychiatrists holding postgraduate qualifications have failed, in formulating a simple and effective way to stop smoking.鈥?br />
Dr Martin Jarvis, Principle Scientist, Imperial Cancer Research
Fund and Reader in Health Psychology, University College London

鈥?..I am more than happy to testify to Allen Carr鈥檚 enduring involvement and to recognise the value of the kind of behavioural and cognitive support he provides.鈥?br />
Dr PM Bray MB CH.b., MRCGP

鈥淚 was really impressed by the method. In spite of the Allen Carr organisation鈥檚 success and fame, there were no gimmicks and the professional approach was something a GP could readily respect. I would be happy to give a medical endorsement of the method to anyone.鈥?br />
Celebrity Endorsements

"His method is absolutely unique, removing the dependence on cigarettes, while you are actually smoking. I鈥檓 pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends and staff.鈥?br /> Sir Richard Branson

鈥淪ome friends of mine who had stopped using Allen Carr鈥檚 method suggested I tried it. I did. It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction. Like those friends of mine, I found it not only easy but unbelievably enjoyable to stay stopped.鈥?br /> Sir Anthony Hopkins

personal experience.
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