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i've been a lot of stress right now especially in school, there is only three weeks of school but im getting a more and more stress..what should i do???!!!!!!

Relax and take a deep breath for about five minutes. I'm going throw the same thing but help me a lot. Good Luck!!
go get this free mp3 which profoundly relaxes and induces meditation.. http://rda-enterprises.com/index.php?mai...
take long hot bath..exercise 1/2 hour....
Calm down.
relax... stress can make you gain weight. It can also cause you to have attacks. That is bad for you mental health. Find something that relaxes you and do that as often as possible.
alparid=xanax is used to reduce stress but you need a prescription the problem with those meds itll make you tired i would suggest taking cipramil which is used for anti stress and the effects are immediate
- Make a daily schedule for studying and play times.
- Take bubble baths with relaxing spa music.
- Learn deep breathing techniques.
- Try to rid your mind of stress with positive thinking.
take some rest. you don't have to spend a lot of time for that. you can make yourself calm by looking to some of the beautifful side around you such as the flower garden...you will be find then..or maybe you can talk to your friends that you trust about your problem...
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