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Can stress cause a bloody nose? And if so is it normal?

I've been getting bloody noses almost every day or every couple days now. It seems like they happen when i'm stressin about something (which i do quite often lately). I used to get them alot when i was a kid but it just started comin back a couple months ago and its been a constant thing lately.

Most likely, stress is increasing your blood pressure which is causing the nose bleeds. I would get checked at a health clinic. Good luck.
it could be stress but it could be something else alot more serious, go to the doctor!
I don't think so. I think you should see a doctor.
Aww man, stress can do all kinds of wicked stuff to a person.. I'm pretty sure bloody nose is one of them..
I heard that high blood pressure which can be related to stress can cause a bloody nose.
epistaxis (nose bleed) can be caused by a number of things, among them, high blood pressure, blood irregularities, dehydrated nasal tissues, and picking your nose.
Suggest you have your blood pressure checked, a blood test to check your clotting factors, and get some saline nasal spray to moisturize the nasal passages.
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