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Can having a stroke make you lose your memory?

Can having a stroke make you lose your memory?

Yes, depending on which parts of the brain were affected, memory loss can occur. paralysis, movement problems, and behavioral changes are other effects that can happen because of a stroke.
Not sure..but i think it can.
of course.

which usually happens..

memory aint the half of it
Yes. My uncle had one. He couldn't remember many things afterwards, even not knowing who certain family members were. The strange thing was that he was able to do puzzle games a lot better and faster afterwards. It had something to do with how the brain processed information.
I'm not an expert but I think it affects motor skills more than memory and thought. Like if you're talking to a person with a stroke, they can dam sure understand what you mean, they just can't say anything back.
i think.
it can soom the later. my brother had a stroke he lost some of his memory. but if you humble before god and pray. god can heal you if you beleave. go to a pentecastal church that prayeing over you. ask god and put your hand on your fore head and pray ask gok god to pretected your mine.so you can pretect you.god bliss.ill be praying for you.
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