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What is the average life span after a major stroke?

My father just had a major stroke a couple of months ago at the age of only 54. He seems like a 90 yr. old man now. Will he live for another 20 or 30 years?? You can be direct and blunt. I can take it.

Not too likely, If you have one major stroke and survive, you are prone to more, and people who have strokes that are major, tend to have others that are major.
People can live a long time having minor strokes, because the brain can re-wire small areaas. (actually get neighboring brain areas to help with the function.
But major strokes kill larger areas of brain so deterioration is more likely.
That doesn't mean he will drop dead next week, but don't plan on 20 years, and 30? no chance
alot depends on any other medical issues he may have,but if he had deteriorated to the point you mention then no he will not live another 20 or 30 years..it also depends on his condition right now,can he do anything for himself,is he being tube fed,can he swallow,is mobile in any way
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