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How would your life change if you had a massive stroke affecting your left hemisphere?

how would it change if the stroke damaged your right hemisphere? which stroke would be more tragic?

RICHARD HAKE: Dr, Rocket? You said you had a severe headache. When you had that headache did you realize it was the stroke or were there any other symptoms?

HOWARD ROCKET, DDS: Well, if I would have been more educated to the signs and the symptoms of a stroke, I would have known that my... I had some blurred vision... and I was having headaches for.... I'd say, may be a week before the stroke actually happened.... continuous headaches. But, I've had migraines before, so I just sort of thought may be it was just a migraine. But, I was also having blurred vision. I didn't have any slurred speech and I didn't have any loss of balance that I can remember. But mostly, as I said earlier, it was a blurred vision and then real severe headaches

RICHARD HAKE: Okay. Here's another question from Angie: 'Is there a possibility of regaining speech and the ability to understand speech after a large stroke to the left hemisphere?' I guess, Dr. Rocket, how soon after you were through the emergency room did you regain your speech?

HOWARD ROCKET, DDS: It took about 4 weeks, and my speech came back very, very slowly.... then finally came back totally.

RICHARD HAKE: Can you answer that question about regaining speech and the ability to understand speech after a large stroke to the left hemisphere?

STEPHAN MAYER, MD: About recovering speech, basically, what I tell my patients is that everyone gets better from a stroke. And that's the rule. And it's usually about that second day after... when you're out.... you know, when you're in the pits, it can't get any worse than that. And then over a process of weeks to months later, patients go about rebuilding their lives. But absolutely-- language functions can improve with time and, you know, I guess it raises the point that, you know, don't get discouraged, you know, it can happen, it will happen, you need the right kind of attitude and you do need real good effective rehabilitation. You need to deal with professionals who know what they are doing. But it doesn't matter if its weakness, or a speaking problem, or vision, or whatever, walking-- all these things do get better unless you are very, very unfortunate. Source(s): http://medbroadcast.healthology.com/medb...
live like you were dieing as the song goes...
You'd be ALL "RIGHT"...
right handed people use the left hemisphere of there brain the most so probably a lot.
Left hemisphere would generally affect your language ability and movement on the right side of your body

Right hemisphere your ability to visualise and do spatial problems and movement on left side of your body

both are equally devastating to your life
I think both are just as debilitating.
Im not very sure about a stroke but there is a very rare disease wich causes the degeneration of only one side. They can still do everything but slightly handicapped. Some times it accelerates things like memory and such I once read but everything takes the back burner if you know what I mean. If I had to pick I'd keep my left...
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